Pavan Duggal Quotes

Pavan Duggal as an internationally renowned expert and authority on Cyberlaw has extensively been quoted by media on various aspects of cyber security. Some of the aspects where Pavan Duggal has been quoted are as follows:

Cyber law analyst Pawan Duggal said: “This has to be a huge wake up call for the nation. There were loopholes that were exploited by hackers to attain a huge quantum of information. We need to have a national policy on cyber security.

 ” The government computer systems are not at all safe and very easy to intrude into. It means that government data stored in the systems are not safe and it can have a detrimental impact on the sovereignty of the country. This should be an eye- opener for the government.”

“I think the government needs to be complimented for the initiative. But it’s a bit too late. This should have been in place soon after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack case. Also, while the objective is noble, policy seems to be a little vague. It is like a compilation of a number of ideas, not accompanied with any action plans. It seems to be incomplete. A lot still needs to be done,” 

“The recent DRDO breach was a classical case of cyberwar attack rather than mere hacking. It was an attack on India’s critical information infrastructure. Cyberwarfare as a phenomenon is not covered under the Indian cyberlaw. Clearly, the country’s cybersecurity is not in sync with the requirements of the times,” 

“This is the first time that cyber crisis of this scale has happened in the country. The(re) was delay in government response by 80 hours to pass directions to intermediaries (like Facebook and Twitter) and telecom service providers on bulk messages,” said cyber law expert and Supreme Court lawyer Pavan Duggal.

 “Had the national cyber security been in place, the response from the government would have been better and time bounded.”

A cyber security policy would have defined the roles of all the stakeholders in the crisis, he said. “At present, there was a complete lack of coordination.”

“This is not a normal hack. This has to be seen as a broader cyber war activities that are targeted against India..We have seen large number of attacks coming up on government websites. Who is behind this, we will have to wait and watch,”

India requires a new legislation that is wholly dedicated to cyber security. It is not sufficient to merely put cyber security as a part of the IT Act.