Dr. Pavan Duggal Articles

Dr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Asia’s and India’s foremost authority and expert on Cyber law has extensively written various articles which have dwelt with various aspects of cyber security. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Rise of digital India-begining of a new dawn

  2. 15 cyberlaw learnings for India post Vodafone disclosure report

  3. Resurgent India’s Proposed Cyber and IT Policies

  4. Cyber Law Global Trends in 2014

  5. Important Cyber Law Trends in India – 2014

  6. Cyberlaw In India: The Information Technology Act 2000 – Some Perspectives

  7. Cyberlaw And Data Security

  8. THE LEGAL view on Data Centres

  9. Legislate Privacy, At Least

  10. Telecommunications Convergence Law in India – A Critique

  11. Indian Legal Response to Cyber Security

  12. India passes its first cyber law with Draconian powers

  13. The Information Technology Act, 2000 – Some Perspectives.

  14. We are not keeping up pace

  15. Cyber deterrence

  16. Indian Blackout – Some legal perspectives

  17. Data theft on BPOs

  18. Digital signature is not catching on

  19. Due Diligence will help limit any liabilities

  20. Tablets for reform in education

  21. You have liabilities as a cyber cafe owner

  22. Liability of CIOs

  23. Cybersecurity law finds a cradle in US-China cybercrime truce
  24. Dedicated legislation for Cyber Security is needed: Pavan Duggal